Bones Like Chains

"This pen, my heart; This paper, my soul."



In the epilogue of A Memory of Light, the very first segment Rand hears an Aiel woman, a voice he doesn’t recognize. She says “Yes that’s good. That is what you need to do.” Who is this? Is this Nakomi? And if so who is Nakomi, the aiel who visited Avhienda in the waste in ToM?

My little personal theory is that this is Rand’s birth mother using the whole ghosts walking the earth thing to visit her son’s lover, which explains asking what Avhienda thinks of him, and to open her mind to the possibility of the Aiel not returning to the Waste and being integrated into the Dragon’s Peace. She later comes and sees her son after the battle is over. Any body agree or actually know what’s going on here?

Also I remember there being a viewing or dream of 2 people dead while a pipe smokes between them happening at one point and don’t remember this coming to fruition. Could somebody tell me where this happened?

WoT people! Help!?

I remember reading something something a while back where somebody, Brandon Sanderson or Robert Jordan maybe, broke down the odds of Tarmon Gaiden and gave a clearer view of what the battle will be like. Do any of you remember anything like this? If so could you link me?

“Last night he had walked away from the wagons to be by himself, and as the sound of men laughing because they were alive faded behind him, he found Rand. The Dragon Reborn, who made the world tremble, sitting on the ground, alone in the dark, his arms wrapped around himself, rocking back and forth.”

—   Perrin Aybara - A Crown of Swords by Robert Jordan (via andrewrc)

The best fantasy ever written. Harry Potter is nothing compared to this story.


Three ta’veren.

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